What are the 7 Resolutions?

Join God

You are partnering with God and experiencing His power.

Think Truth

Your mind is being renewed and freed from destructive thinking.

Kill Sin

You’re finally putting to death those sins that have been killing you.

Choose Friends

You have quality people around you who help you live the abundant life.

Take Risks

You now live in a way that puts your faith in motion and gives you energy.

Focus Effort

Your direction is clear because you’re focused on your passion and gifting.

Redeem Time

You spend your time in a way that reflects your values and impacts the world.

Karl loves adventure. He completed the 1,100 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race at 18. But for over three decades, Karl has been on the most incredible adventure of life – following Jesus Christ and enjoying his promises. Karl's mission is "To inspire a spiritual revolution in the church that reaches the world."

Karl coached a multi-racial track team in South Africa. He launched two college/career ministries that thrived spiritually. Karl spoke nationally, with his wife Junanne, at marriage conferences with Family Life for 11 years and led a dynamic church that grew to be the largest in Alaska. This church was featured on the front page of the New York Times (Nov. 23rd, 2007) for its strategic outreach and innovation.

Karl is currently the weekday morning host on Moody Radio's "Karl & Crew Mornings," WMBI 90.1 FM, Chicago (5 am – 9 am). Karl is also the Lead Pastor of 180 Chicago. He is married to Junanne, and they have two adult children.


Founder of the 7 Resolutions

Frequently-Asked Questions

Are the 7 Resolutions a book... or something more?
Is there a specific way to apply the 7 Resolutions?
What approach to the 7 Resolutions will help bear the most fruit?
How do I get started?

180 Chicago is a diverse group of people who dare to take God at His Word. We believe He can change anything in our life for the better.