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Let me coach you up

Live webinar with Karl Clauson

You can change in 2023… but you can’t do it in your power.

If you’ve grown accustomed to bad habits, written off lifelong battles as unwinnable, or believed that some destructive behaviors could never be changed, I get it. I’ve been there. We’re all in recovery, but we pretend we’ve got it all buttoned up.

Join me LIVE on Thursday, January 19th @ 7pm CST or Saturday, January 21st @ 10am CST, to learn about a coaching strategy I’m offering you that will help you say no to self-help and yes to God’s power.


God is already doing a powerful work in your life. Make 2023 the year you join Him.

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And if you’re still wondering if investing this time in facing your biggest battle will be worth it, here’s what some of our current coaching members have to say:

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to grow and begin to live truly free of being stuck.”
“This is opening my eyes in a different way.”
“Thank you for doing this, I can see the deep passion in your heart for making disciples.”
“I am really growing in joining God in every area of my life, thanks for this wonderful program you have… There has been a very significant change in my attitude and my family relationships.”
“I have been in years of Bible studies, spent 2 years in seminary (studying to be a chaplain), and I realize that I have never been discipled in this way!”

It’s time to get moving in God’s power to pursue the abundant life He has promised us! So take the first step and join me for the webinar!