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Reading & Understanding Scripture

Apr 13
7:00 pm
Apr 13
7:00 pm
Apr 13
7:00 pm
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Close the gap.

Is there a gap between God’s promise of abundant life and your own daily experience?

We want to help you close that gap. You don’t have to settle for too little.
The time is now for humble dependence on God and a plan to walk in His power!

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Karl Clauson, Author & Founder

If you’ve grown accustomed to bad habits, written off lifelong battles as unwinnable, or believed that some destructive behaviors can never be changed, I get it.

I’ve been there.

Three weeks after Jesus saved me, I found myself with a clear glass pipe of crystal meth in my hand.

I took a hit, and in a moment, the drug’s rush was followed by crushing condemnation.

I know what it’s like to feel like a spiritual impostor. The truth is, we’re all in recovery, but we like to pretend we’ve got it all buttoned up.

Jesus has saved you, but there’s still a lot of transformation that God wants to do. You can change, but you can’t do it in your own power.

When I embraced God’s transforming power, He won the war over cocaine, whiskey, and my deadly choices.

He wants to do the same for you no matter what you battle!

It’s time to:

Trade your consistent stress for God’s promised peace.
Stop flying blind through life’s storms and discover God’s wisdom for the trials you face.
Quit hiding the things that are robbing, killing, and destroying you and embrace God’s victory over your destructive habits!

The time is now for humble dependence on God and a plan to walk in His power. It's time to come alive!